Berardi's Restaurant

Berardi's Famous French Fries

Mamma Berardi (Eurosia) and Albert Berardi Circa 1960

History of Berardi's Restaurant

Berardi's Restaurant

It all began in 1942 with an idea, fresh Idaho potatoes, and a hand held potato peeler. Mama Berardi (Eurosia) along with her son Albert began serving fresh cut French fries at a stand on the Midway at Cedar Point. The delicious French fries soon became as famous as the amusement park itself. Many people confessed that the tasty fries were the main reason that they visited Cedar Point. Thousands of customers stood daily in long lines that stretched across the Midway anticipating their tasty order of fries stacked high and topped with ketchup and vinegar. On any given day over two tons of Potatoes were peeled by hand, then freshly cut and deep fried. The French fries continued to please park goers until 1978 when Cedar Point no longer allowed private concessionaires in the park.

Berardi's Restaurant in Huron was opened in 1979 by Albert and Roseanne Berardi. Albert passed away in 1984 leaving Berardi's in Huron as well as Berardi's in Sandusky in the hands of the 3rd generation of Berardi's. Berardi's restaurants are independently owned and operated by family members.

Stop in today to taste the homemade taste and quality food that has been our legacy for over 50 years. You will be greeted by a smiling face and you will feel right at home.